she’s here!


Just before 10 pm,  we were off to bed and Elektra said that things were a bit different down there. “Are we having a baby?” I ask. “maybe” she replies.

I think “crap if its anything like last time I better knock out that work thats due on Thursday!” When I get off the computer Elektras on the phone to the midwife and  making “we’re having a baby” noises. She sends me off to bed, then phones me at about midnight when the contractions are about “6 mins apart”.  Although as soon as she stands up I realise they’re not 6 mins apart and I get visions of birthing on the pacific highway.  Run around gathering the essentials: camera, bananas, chocolate. Bundle into car and head off  (stopping only to turn our bin through 180 – the garbos wont collect it otherwise – part of me thinking that I must’ve done this before).  Drive as quickly but smoothly as possible to Coffs, almost go via airport (was on Auto Pilot Elektra in mid contraction “where are you going?!!”) and do the seemingly interminable walk to the maternity unit. Elektras having contractions every 3 minutes in the car, and that stays pretty much the same for the next 4 hours.

Our midwife was Bronwyn – settles us in I start running a bath, where Elektra stays also more or less for the next 4 hours. Its about 1am and we know Zahira and Lyn (our midwife) are on their way – they’re both there by 2.

For Elektra there follows several hours of what you could describe as “some discomfort” (but only if you are brave, foolish or owner of loud voice and fast legs).   Despite the screaming, groaning and expletives Elektra keeps her sense of humour dry: (middle of contraction: “you’ve got to get a vasectomy”;  to honor the cliche:  “this is your fault you bastard”; on being informed the midwife’s enormous rubber glove is used by vets: a deadpan “moo”).

She moves round in the bath a few times, after a protracted session on her knees she turns over and – oh my god – theres half a head poking out between her legs – and not a squashy cone head either, a perfectly round (and big!) head with lots of hair. On her back now but still in the bath theres “more discomfort” as the baby moves about trying to get shoulder out.  One more big push – from both mother and baby seemingly and out she comes, gurgling and crying


Off to visit now will finish up later…


2 Responses to “she’s here!”

  1. 1 Jessica and Roger October 6, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    she has a LOT of hair, and looks like she will have good lungs and a nice grip.
    Congratulations to all of you!!!!
    Nice choice of parents.
    Much love
    Jessica and Roger

  2. 2 Rachael Kane October 9, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    Woohoo! Good on you guys!! Geth, she looks just like you! I knew this would happen and I still haven’t gotten around for a catch up cuppa since you went away! I am the worst friend in the world! and just to round this up I’m going to put in another exclamation mark! Love ya guts and am very happy for your little family. See you real soon – definitely before she is of school age. MMMMMMwah!!

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