VSO image resizer

I bitch and moan enough about crappy software, I thought I should redress the balance and give a quick woot for this small and reasonably friendly little application.


Its a context-menu app – allowing you to right click on a photo, several photos, or photos and folders and resize and reformat virtually any image file. What makes it shine is its support for 8 and 16 bit Photoshop files, reading the composite data – which means its massively quicker than bridge/photoshop because it doesn’t have to load the whole file. You can save in any format, and add a simple watermark with text, or with an image file. There is a little learning curve, but you can also use it out of the box with presets. I just resized 20 or so huge jpegs (20mb files = about 8000x6000px) added watermark in under a minute.

Pros: Small footprint, quick, simple and powerful (a rare and wonderful thing), nothing out there quite like it.
Cons:Struggles with CMYK files

Its free, with a nag. PC only.



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