windows 7 64 bit and adobe cs4

If any creative folks out there are thinking of jumping into windows 7 64 bit with their adobe cs4 apps – dont!

I have had enough small and fundemetal problems now that I wish I’d waited 6 months for saps like me to find the issues and for patches and fixes to be written. Some issues are in windows 7 itself, some are with adobe.

Photoshop 64 bit: doesn’t recognise type one fonts unless installed on te system. (I use font agent pro, users of extensis suitcase fusion may have a different story)

Photoshop: Screen redraw issues (zooming in and out shows previous image states)

Acrobat: Crashes on opening several documents, crashes on exit, crashes on export from indesign

Bridge: crashes – especially with 2 windows open.

Dreamweaver – small bugs including on setting up a new site you must specify a folder below the one you want as your main site folder (so if you want e:/websites/mysite/www you have to go to e:/websites/mysite/www/another, or add the www manually

ALL aps that have a “reveal in explorer” function dont highlight the file in the explorer window that opens – unless you’ve previoulsy visited that folder. (Go figure! This is a windows issue it appears)


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