another typical day in windows 7 land

If i’d wanted to spend $4000 to work slower I would’ve had my arm amputated.

EDIT (September 2010) : After 9 months of major and minor glitches i can finally say that my system is running relatively sweetly.

Righto: it seems its not just adobe that’s not up to speed yet.

Font agent pro 4 is “a few months away” from having an update that works sweetly.

Epson print drivers crash my display driver (although this is most likely an nvidea issue, it still leaves me wondering why I bought a new computer)

I bought a new plugin today – Portrait professional – promised to be a quick way to retouch portraits. The plugin doesn’t work however, and the standalone app was spitting the dummy at the supposedly supported 16 bit files. Their support page had wording to the effect of “tested on windows 7 RC”. Filling me with confidence. It ended up taking me 6 hours to retouch 2 portraits. 6 hours! As Hank Azaria would say: “OH my god I don’t even believe it”

I spent about 4 days last week and over the weekend attempting to get my raid working properly.

Not a day goes by without me emailing tech support or piddling around on forums. My 12GB of ram arrives tomorrow – supposedly. If its still rubbish I’mm going to sell it and buy a mac.


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