Make windows explorer open my computer instead of libraries view

Microsoft obviously thought libraries was a nifty enough idea to replace the those bog standard yellow folder view we’ve all grown to hate over the last 20 years.
They failed to adhere to the basic tenet of developing any user system: if you’re going to change something – especially a core user feature, make it BETTER.

Libraries offer a new ways of looking at and organising your data – but could I find anything quicker? Nope. Did it annoy the crap out of me when looking at project folders my ai files and PDF files were in different categories. Yep. Were the categories visually highlighted so you could at least see where you might want to look for you file, No? Are you still faced with thousands of yellow folders that tell you nothing about how often they are accessed? YES! The devil himself is Microsoft’s usability tester.

Finally fed up with it I found this page which describes how to fix it. (my version tweaked from the comments on that post)

This means when you click on the explorer icon (mine is pinned to my task bar) it opens my computer by default. I will probably change this so it opens recent folders or something slightly more useful. Heres how:

With all explorer windows closed, right click on you “my computer icon” whilst pressing the shift key.

In the dialog box that opens change the target…

replace explorer.exe with…

explorer.exe “”
EDIT: this works if the last explorer window you had open was in the computer view. If the last window was another view then it *may* open at that view.

To get it to open to recent places…
%windir%explorer.exe “%userprofile%LinksRecentPlaces.lnk”

There’s an alterative here:


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