windows essential software

I have about 8Tb on my system. Sometimes I know I’ve left a file somewhere. And sometimes I’ll let windows search for it.
Windows search is really truly a disaster area. It might work OK for people searching a few hundred megabytes in my documents. I doubt it. The most offensive part is the need to right click and open a file in its location. If you double click on a file you will lose the contents of the search and have to start over.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) I’ve been using windows since version 3. I’m used to its rubbish search. Which is why I pepper my filenames with keywords and synonyms, and this habitual redundancy has finally paid off courtesy of my new favourite windows utility. I need to get out more.

“Everything” searches every drive you tell it to search. After I downloaded it I expected it to take a few hours, maybe half a day, to index my drives. I set it up and seemingly seconds later it was complete. I incredulously typed something obscure into the search box and it immediately found it. I do mean immediately. Yes it found the one file I was looking for out of 22 million in no time at all. It runs in the background – or you can do what I do, just start it when needed and it will update its database on start.

The question it begs of course is WHY? Why is this not implemented within windows? Why is there not a quick search? Why is there not a metadata component of the file system? Why are we still saving things in millions of identical little yellow folders? Why Microsoft WHY?


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