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I just googled this thing on photoshopping

I just stumbled on this:

Companies try so very hard top lodge their brands in our brains. They spend millions on getting them out into the memeosphere (yes thats a word, why not GOOGLE it).
When that brand is co-opted and becomes part of popular culture they then want to control it themselves. Sorry I should say THEY WANT TO CONTROL IT THEMSELVES???!!!
Hear Adobe and Google, it doesn’t work like that. And it smacks of tyranical power craziness to even try. Once the genie is out of the bottle you cant stuff it back in, but please keep trying its rather amusing.

But there is a greater issue here. You cant have your cake and eat it: Brands and trademarks are stuffed down our throats every hour of the day. You bombard us, lambast us, assail us and if we take control then consider it a victory and move on.
To paraphrase Banksy ( its like owning the rocks you’ve been throwing at our heads.