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Snippets: Noise reduction and sharpening

Photographer  Michael Almond compares many many noise reduction tools:

(this is the printable version but I think is easier to read than the online version)

His verdict is that Noise Ninja does the best job overall, but that there’s not a lot in the top 4 or 5 programs or plugins.

I’ve used Noise Ninja and Neat Image. I prefer Neat Image, but their licensing is a bit crazy, requiring a separate licence for 32 and 64 bit – meaning that I would have to chose which version of photoshop I’d want to use it in, or pay for 2.

Noiseware is one I’d not heard of, I’ll give it a try in the next few weeks.

Also whilst researching came across this bunch:

They have a image sharpening tool, which I’m looking forward to comparing to photoshop’s (and lightroom’s)

Now all of these may be moot in a few months if what I’m reading about Lightroom 3 turns out to be true:

Have a look at the pixel comparisons here:

Lightroom 3 appears to produce crisper, less clumpy-grained & more film-like images.

Also a nice post here: describing some of the high and lowlights of the beta (although were is the purple fringing in his 1st example?)

Somewhat disappointed to read about the grain module – being a huge fan of grain (coming from using Kodaks high speed infra red film pushed to 1600 ASA and developed in neat HC110 – old photographers will know what I’m on about) – David Naylor makes a good point that we’ll be seing a lot f grainy photos in the near future. His wish list includes automatic lens correction. (Barrel/pincushion distortion, chromatic aberration, vignetting.) which I heartily agree with: I want lightroom to be my digital darkroom – I want to use it to get the perfect starting point for any creative work I want to do in photoshop (which generally means I work hard to get a crisp, high detail full dynamic range shot only to mung it in photoshop).

The beta is available here: I’m resisting the temptation to install it – version 1 and 2 took a year to iron out the kinks – version 2.6 addressed the woeful speed problems on my setup – and the 3 beta was released shortly after. You can’t expect to use the beta commercially.



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